Performance Development

For Athletes, Coaches, and Teams


For Athletes

The higher the level of play, the more narrow the margin between the top performance athletes and the rest becomes. At the professional level; only a fraction of a second separates the fastest sprinters to the slowest in the team, but a fraction of a second is all it takes to change a game.


Speed Training

"Speed is the product skilled movement plus the athlete's power"

Speed is center stage when it comes to field sports - and Soccer is no different. The GC Strength system is based on a curriculum of the fundamental movement skills in field sports. The focus each day is on teaching or practicing a specific movement skill (for example: acceleration), while using power development training such as Plyometrics and Medicine Ball training to potentiate it, and Strength & Conditioning work to reinforce it.

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Strength & Power

"Power is limited by an athlete's ability to produce force."

Strength work is essential for soccer players. Resistance training is key in building soft tissue tolerance (muscles, tendons, etc.), which decreases potential for muscle and tendon injuries, and can reinforce speed development work done on the field. Also, muscle build through strength & conditioning will work as an armor protecting the athlete from the impacts of the game.

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"All force creation is limited by an athlete's ability to produce energy"

Soccer is an unique game in its energy demands. It is a complex game of multiple sprints over a long period of time; hence the difficulty in properly preparing for it. When an athlete lack in conditioning, the risk of injury is enhanced as the player will fatigue early. The more fatigue, the lower the ability for the brain and body to deal with movement demands.


For Teams

Performance Management for teams ensure that players get fit, stay healthy, and perform their best. The Performance Manager will work closely with Head Coaches and Managers to add insight to practice schedule and training loads, monitor sports science data, and assist with players education in performance.