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Meet Will Benitez, MSN, M.Ed.

Will is a Nutritionist with valuable experience working with professional Soccer players and Runners. He's earned a Master's Degree in Nutrition and another in Education - and will be using his knowledge and experience to support GC Strength Team members in maximizing their performance by optimizing their nutrition.





Erika Tymrak - Professional Soccer Player

I eat a plant based diet, and working with Will has been such a positive experience for me. He is so knowledgeable about nutrition, and has helped me get optimal recovery to perform at my very best by working with my food choices. Will is extremely easy to talk to; he’s excellent about responding to my questions and curiosities about certain foods’ nutrients, calories, vitamins and minerals and is able to explain nutritional information in a way I’m able to fully understand it. Hes has helped me with specific strategies for pre-game fueling and post game recovery. I feel amazing at training, and my recovery is better than it has ever been. I truly credit it to my nutrition. I highly recommend the Performance Nutrition by On Pace Wellness!

Vanessa DiBernardo - Professional Soccer Player

t's been great being able to work with Will on my overall health and nutrition. I'm a professional soccer player, and I started off my season injured. Coming back in the middle of a season isn't easy, and Will was there to get me back out on the field as soon as possible. He helped me find the best supplements to be taking while also monitoring my diet throughout my recovery. Now I am back on the field, and Will is helping me learn more about pre-training and post-training fuel. Will is very easy to talk to, and is always there to help! Feeling fully recovered is something I've always struggled with in the past, and Will has helped me find the right foods and supplements to aid with my recovery. I've really felt a difference! I've learned so much from him, and it's been a great experience working with him.



Mandy Laddish - Professional Soccer Player

Will Rocks - and is extremely knowledgeable. I'm a professional soccer player and I've been working with will for around four or five months. I was introduced to will after a hip surgery that has left me out for the season. Will has helped me ensure I'm taking in the proper amount of nutrients while I recover. He has helped tailor my eating habits towards foods, vitamins and supplements that decrease inflammation, and promote recovery and muscle maintenance. As I make my way back to playing, and increase my load, Will has been consistent and checks in often to ensure my diet is changing appropriately in order to maintain optimal performance. I couldn't ask for a better nutrition coach, and I'm so thankful to have him on my team

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