GC Strength Team at Rose City Futsal


GC Strength Team is changing the way fitness is done!

Our Mission is to drive people to a higher level of performance through coaching and education on evidence based conditioning strategies for the Brain, Movement, and Recovery engines.

The System: Upgrade The 3 Engines

Brain - Establishing identity and purpose, developing a performance mindset, and cultivating habits. 

Movement - Learning motor skills, earning strength, and maximizing energy.

Recovery - Sleeping to improve, fueling to perform, stepping back to mindfully reflect and evolve.

How to get started:

Performance development; be it for sports, work, or personal reasons, is achieved through a commitment to habits that drive growth. At GC Strength Team, we’ve identified a couple of ways to get started on this journey based on your level of readiness and willingness to make changes. Take a look at the options below, and if neither suits you, just send us a message here to let us know how we may help you specifically.

Option 1: Sign Up for a 1-Week Trial

The one week trial gives you the choice of experimenting our training system for one week or taking advantage of our Intro, Assessment, and Strategy session; which consists of a full head-to-toe assessment of your joints, a jumping and sprinting mechanics analysis, followed by a discussion with our recommendations on the best strategies for you to become a high performer.

Start My 1-Week Trial

Option 2: Choose Focus, Pick a Membership.

Strength & Conditioning

Mental Performance

Performance Nutrition

The GC Strength Team will help you build a customized performance plan and support you along the journey.

The system is all about your movement ability, mental capacity, and recovery strategies. Using the proper preparation strategies, power development modalities, and strength and conditioning techniques, you’ll upgrade your movement engine to have a pain free, powerful, high energy lifestyle.

All memberships include education on how to upgrade and fuel your 3 Engines. You can choose an engine to focus on to be your main driver, or you can go all in on our Full Performance Membership and dive into all three! (hint: that’s what the top high performers do!).

Option 3: Go All In!

The High Performance Membership

Full Drive, all 3 Engines!

The High Performance Membership is the holistic approach to developing performance at the highest level. This membership includes initial analysis of your movement skills, mental performance, and nutrition strategies. This process is followed by the implementation of performance developing strategies for each engine with the supervision of specialists in each category. You’ll have:

  • Unlimited access to Strength & Conditioning Programs and Coaching and Optimal Training Calendar Development.

  • Monthly Mental Performance Coaching.

  • Nutrition Analysis, Education, and Planning.

  • Continuous education on performance development strategies on all 3 Engines.

This program has it all! If you are a High Performer, this is your home.